Lawn & Landscape Services in Annapolis, MD

Founded by Brady Fortlage, our company has grown from a one-man operation to a full-service property maintenance and landscaping provider. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, professionalism, and commitment to transforming your outdoor spaces into beautiful, functional areas you can enjoy and be proud of year-round.

Custom Landscape Designs and Installations

We offer custom landscape designs tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking to enhance your residential or commercial property, our team of experienced designers and landscapers will work with you to create a plan that brings your vision to life. Our services include:

  • Landscape Design Consultations: We take the time to understand your goals and create a detailed plan that fits your budget and timeline.
  • Landscape Renovations: From simple updates to complete overhauls, we can transform your existing landscape into something extraordinary.
  • Flower, Plant, and Tree Installations: Our expert team carefully selects and installs a variety of plants to add color and texture to your landscape.
  • Rock Features and Hardscapes: Incorporate stunning rock features and hardscapes to add visual interest and functionality to your yard.
  • Retaining Walls: Our durable and aesthetically pleasing retaining wall designs help manage soil erosion and create level areas in your landscape.
A black rubber mallet with a wooden handle is resting on gray stone pavers arranged in a pattern on the ground.

Lawncare and Maintenance Services in Annapolis

Maintaining a beautiful lawn requires ongoing care and attention. Our lawncare and maintenance services in Annapolis ensure your property looks its best throughout the year. We provide:

  • Lawn Mowing and Fertilizing: Regular mowing and fertilizing keep your grass healthy and lush.
  • Leaf Removal: We efficiently remove leaves to keep your lawn neat and prevent damage.
  • Sod Installations and Turf Management: Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to rejuvenate your existing lawn, we offer professional sod installations and turf management services.
  • Monthly Landscape Maintenance: We provide maintenance packages to keep your entire landscape in top shape.
  • Snow Removal: Keep your property safe and accessible during winter months with our reliable snow removal services.

Specialized Landscape Solutions

In addition to our design and maintenance services, Maryland Lawn and Landscape offers a range of specialized solutions, including:

  • Drainage Solutions and Grading: Proper drainage is essential for preventing water damage and maintaining the health of your landscape. We provide expert drainage solutions and grading services to ensure your property is properly managed.
  • Stump Removals and Tree Limbing: Safely remove unwanted stumps and limbs to improve the appearance and safety of your yard.
  • Landscape Installations: From installing new garden beds to adding decorative elements, our installation services enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.

For more information or to schedule a free estimate, contact Maryland Lawn and Landscape today.